Zaryazhsya positive: jokes pregnant women

In many forums, moms share stories of their families.

Today we offer you a selection of funny women in labor. Have a good mood!

Spelling and punctuation authors saved :)


Many thanks to the midwife for the kind words. She so often called me a bunny, that willy-nilly wanted carrots.

On the morning after the birth, my body ached as if I had driven an asphalt roller not only along, but across, and then another check-in diagonally.

Waiting for me to kill. My husband added fuel to the fire: every evening he made a circle around the room with a stroller given to us for the baby, "braked" at the sofa, where I sat and asked me: "Where is the child?"

I have written in the exchange card "bad habits - a cat"

I was pregnant at work, I got a job - I spent a month or two on the line on the phone. And that's it! Atas! I went into the minibus and said: “Hello, my name is Anna ....” The minibus reluctantly greeted me in reply.

Tryndec came the next morning after giving birth - creaking with all limbs, like an ungreased terminator, I slowly, but surely, began to move towards the toilet.

She came to an osteopath at the age of 7 months, he first, as expected, asks everything, writes ...

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