Maritime style in the clothes of spring-summer 2016 novelties photo podium

Morskoj stil 'v odezhde_2016_33Fashionable striped dresses 2016 photo trends

To emphasize individuality and unusual style, designers offer models with stylish images of flora representatives, abstractions of sea waves with foam, as well as anchors.

Morskoj stil 'v odezhde_2016_1To make your dress the main element in the image, do not overload your bow with extras. It is enough just a neat straw hat from the sun and sandals on a flat course. This primarily refers to the long dresses in a nautical style.

Morskoj stil 'v odezhde_2016_23

Very unusual and interesting sea dress looks with elements of cowboy style. Leather elements in warm shades of brown are perfectly combined with objects of clothing in the marine theme. Strict models of sea dresses are better to be a little highlighted in the background with bright accessories. In this case, you can safely put on your fashionable device to work in an office or business meeting.

Morskoj stil 'v odezhde_2016_13Trendy sundresses in a strip 2016 new photo trends

The most popular type of dress in nautical style is undoubtedly a sundress. A long light dress - the best clothes for a hot summer day: both in the city and on the beach. You can wear such a dress under sandals, sandals or sneakers, depending on where you are going to go in it.

Morskoj stil 'v odezhde_2016_19White, dark blue and red - the combination of these three colors is considered the most traditional and most recognizable. Therefore, often use the basic classic dress in white and blue striped and complement it with red accessories. But strictly adhere to the observance of all colors is not always necessary. To make your outfit associated with the marine theme, you can use things with a black or gray stripe, combine them with other monophonic things, or combine several types of stripes of different colors and widths.

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 Fashionable women's shoes in nautical style 2016 photo news trends

Classic for the marine style style - sneakers or loafers. However, modern designers offer not only sports shoes: elegant ballet flats, light slippers, striped sandals on high heels - with such shoes you can afford to be a real pirate and a chic inhabitant of the resort. The most important thing is to stick to the main colors of the style.

Choosing shoes for your outfit in a marine style, do not forget about convenience. If you have a long walk or a picnic, give preference to shoes with small heels, cloth shoes with a flat sole or ballet shoes.

Obuv 'v morskom stile_2016_3

If you are waiting for a social event or party (for example, in a yacht club), then it is better to wear shoes with elegant heels that match your image of a sea socialite.
Well, in the case of a real trip aboard a yacht, yacht shoes - moccasins are obligatory. Such shoes do not slip on the wet deck, are waterproof, and special lacing keeps shoes when you sit on board the yacht.

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