How to teach a child to order: 12 creative ways to carry away cleaning

The child can show his abilities not only during games and studies, but also during the cleaning in the nursery. However, what would you do moms who are faced with the whims and tantrums of the child during the cleaning of toys?

To begin with, you should ask yourself some simple questions: how to accustom the child to order and how can you motivate the child so that he begins to take the initiative in matters of cleaning?

Many young parents are trying to get their children to do housework using shouting and threats. However, for children aged 5-7 years, these methods of education do not have a significant impact.

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Qualified psychologists recommend parents to use in this case playful and competitive methods of raising a child.


Invent a game

The cleaning process can be successful, if the notation and the formidable tone of the mother change to an exciting game.For example, have your child try on the role of a policeman who is looking for missing toys and returns them to their place. This will help teach the child to perform the duties assigned to him independently, while developing the imagination of the child.

cleaning with children

No - routine

The more interesting and exciting your assignments to the baby, the more the child will want to fulfill his household obligations. Invite the children to clean up their room using a toy mop or baby vacuum cleaner. Or offer to perform any task around the house for speed. After that, it is worthwhile to encourage the child with a tasty surprise, so that he has an incentive to bring the matter to the end.

Arrange competitions between children

If you have two or more children, you can ask them to complete the speed quest. For example, invite children to take part in the contest “Who will collect toys from a certain part of the room first” or “Who will wash the floor best of all”. The winner will get a special prize.


To make the child remove the toys scattered throughout the apartment, hide one of his favorite things and offer to find it.Exhausted with the quest, your daughter or son will most likely want to clean up the mess to get their favorite thing back.

Explain to the child why he is doing wrong

If the child does not want to help his mother with any cleaning, you can jokingly “refuse” to fulfill their parental promises. For example, cancel a trip to the cinema, or buy a new toy.


It is different with adolescents; you cannot be convinced by their simple tricks that cleanliness in the house is a rule that should be followed by the whole family. Adolescents often complain not bouts of chronic fatigue and apathy, or express a protest attitude to the usual things.

At this age they can completely ignore any of your requests.

Motivate the child

Try to explain to your child that his success in adulthood depends largely on diligence and attitude to the space around him.

Explain to him that cleaning the room, for example, will form his personal qualities such as discipline and tidiness, which are necessary for success in any area of ​​life.

cleaning and teenager

Find a role model.

Try to refer to the authoritative personalities of the child, whose opinion he trusts. This may be a young, successful person from among your acquaintances, whom a teenager is in awe of. Or find an anti-hero and say something like when a teenager: “But my mother told me that the big one starts small. It was necessary to obey, now the courtyards would not have had revenge. ” On impressionable children, this method works flawlessly.

Stimulate the desire to become an adult

Tell the child that if he cannot maintain the minimum order in his room, it means that he is not mature enough and he should not ask for a disco or walk late. Such an approach can dramatically change the attitude of a teenager to domestic duties.

Maintain enthusiasm

Pay more attention to the teenager. During this period, it is extremely important for adults to maintain the enthusiasm of children, to be interested in his aspirations and dreams. Suggest your son or daughter to spend leisure time together: take a walk in the park, go to a cafe or visit an interesting exhibition. The closer your relationship is, the more respect and care it will show to you and your work.

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Offer help

You can suggest a teenager to put things in order together. But before you start cleaning the child’s room, you need to understand that children of his age may have secrets that he does not want to share with you.

Show a personal example.

Instruct a child to clean in his room on a personal example. After all, if you yourself are sloppy and do not clean the house, you should not expect any other behavior from your child.

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