How to make a gazebo from polycarbonate do it yourself

Arbor, installed in the courtyard, will give a feeling of comfort. A light architectural structure is an alternative to a swimming pool, a garden or a shed with a brazier. Nothing prevents to make an arbor with your own hands not from ordinary wood, but from translucent shiny polycarbonate, armed with a special step-by-step instruction for manufacturing.

Advantages and disadvantages of a courtyard polycarbonate gazebo

The polymeric material of the cellular structure can compete with wood, acrylic glass or any other building material. The fact is that the structure constructed of sheets of polycarbonate has a number of obvious advantages:

  • it looks “airy”, as the polymer material is not heavy material, and it is often built without pouring a concrete platform;
  • can be dismantled or moved due to its lightness;
  • it is built according to a simple scheme, which is understandable even to someone who does not consider himself a master in construction;
  • built using materials that can be easily found on sale;
  • it is relatively inexpensive, less expensive than bricks, wood, and wrought iron;
  • can be created in combination with another material, which only adds to the structure of originality.
Polycarbonate gazebo

Simple design with a roof in the form of a vault

It is worth considering separately the polycarbonate itself as a material for the construction of an arbor. It is characterized by excellent flexibility, can be machined with cutting devices and a drill, and is characterized by durability and resistance to high temperatures.Polycarbonate is able to withstand any environmental impact, and therefore can serve no objections for about 20 years.

This material does not deteriorate due to humidity and sudden temperature fluctuations. Daylight freely passes through it, which makes the arbor, made of this building material, sunny and homely. Another advantage of polycarbonate - resistance to ultraviolet rays.

All these advantages of the material dispel all doubts as to whether it is possible to build a gazebo from polycarbonate. However, the construction of this material and there are significant drawbacks:

  • it requires special care, since it is necessarily equipped with a skeleton made of metal profiles, which needs to be covered with an anti-rust composition and paint;
  • sooner or later its walls will be scratched;
  • may blacken from the inside in case of poor-quality treatment of joints between polycarbonate sheets;
  • It is considered a construction where it will be stuffy, since air does not pass through the walls of the polymer material of the cellular structure.

Work preceding the construction of the summer building

Without drawings, the workflow can get out of control, because they are the sources of information about the type of construction, its size and purpose. One way or another, the diagram will show what the arbor will look like.

Drawings, diagrams with dimensions

In order not to get confused in the drawings and in further construction work, a beginner in this matter may be advised to construct a simple open-type gazebo, the construction of which resembles a square or a rectangle in shape.Having depicted such a structure on paper, it is necessary to designate its dimensions.

Arbor parameters depend on the number of people who will occupy it at the same time.For the owners of the gazebo and 8 guests, the place in the construction will be enough if its diameter is 2, 9 m. And when it is planned that 12 people will be sitting in the building for summer vacation, it is necessary to create a rectangular shape with dimensions of 2, 5x3, 5 m.

Below is a drawing of a gazebo, distinguished by its simplicity and accommodating at least 8 people. It is made in the shape of a rectangle, equipped with a standard canopy and, if necessary, can be moved. The backbone of this design is made of metal elements welded together.

Simple arbor

The building has a vaulted roof and 2 benches.

Arbor, designed to rest 8 people, must have a certain size. Its base is created with the parameters of 1, 6x2 m. The correct height of such a structure is 2, 1 m. It is important to install the walls of the arbor at an angle of 750. A round pipe for the roof of a small simple structure should be 3 m.

When determining how much construction materials will be needed, it is important to take into account the form in which polycarbonate is sold.Cellular material can be purchased in the form of sheets having parameters of 2, 1x6 m or 2, 1x12 m.A monolithic polycarbonate, which is more expensive, is usually sold for sale in sheets with dimensions of 2, 05x3, 05 m.

Subtleties of the choice of materials: what is the most optimal color and thickness to cover

To purchase polycarbonate for the construction of gazebos must be approached wisely. The fact that the construction of the material acquired at random, will not last long. Considering polycarbonate in a hardware store, you should first pay attention to its shelf life.

This is important because the polymer material of the cellular structure is produced in 2 variants: from primary or secondary raw materials. Understand that before you polycarbonate 2 varieties, the creation of which left plastic containers and other products, can be at least by the fact that the material cracks when bent. Also this will indicate a turbid and uneven color of polycarbonate.

To verify that second-rate material is on sale, check its weight.1m2polycarbonate with a thickness of 4 mm, to the quality of which there will be no complaints during the operation, weighs 0, 8 kg.A six-millimeter piece of cellular material is heavier by 500 g, and an eight-millimeter one by 700 g.

Polycarbonate Sheets

This material can vary not only in color but also in thickness.

To the thickness of polycarbonate, which is necessary for the construction of a gazebo, also demands are made. Thin, and therefore fragile material is not necessary to acquire. For a structure to be durable, you should build it from polycarbonate sheets with a thickness of at least 6 mm. Many builders, in order to get a gazebo, which will last a long time, prefer eight-millimeter cellular material.

When choosing polycarbonate, its color registration is of special importance.It is desirable to purchase raw materials transparent, almost like glass.It will not become hot under the influence of sunlight and will not make the internal space of the gazebo unnatural. Rest in such a structure will bring a lot of positive emotions!

The frame of the gazebo of polycarbonate is supposed to be made of wood or metal profiles. Bars are considered to be an environmentally friendly and aesthetic material, but if they are not treated with a special compound, they can be rotten or covered with fungus.Profiles and corners of the metal in a specific care do not need and are characterized by durability, therefore, serve as the backbone of the gazebo for much longer.True, they must be able to connect with a welding machine.

So, to build the arbor, shown in the above drawing, you need to prepare:

  • polycarbonate sheet;
  • 50 m of profiled pipes made of steel, having dimensions 25x25x2 mm;
  • 3 metal profiles bent by a pipe bender, which will make them an arch;
  • 20 panels of planed polished wood with the parameters 2, 5x12, 5x25 cm.

Required tools

To make a movable gazebo from polycarbonate and other materials, tools are needed. Among them should be:

  • electrotool for abrasive processing;
  • screwdriver;
  • electric tool drilling holes;
  • welding machine;
  • A saw, which is useful in the process of working with wood;
  • a hammer;
  • hacksaw;
  • carpentry hand cutting tools;
  • shovel.

During the fastening and processing of materials the master will not do without the following devices:

  • drill bits and nails;
  • screws, screws and nuts;
  • screwdrivers and paint brushes;
  • sandpaper;
  • glue for joining wood parts;
  • paint and varnish;
  • liquid concrete.

Step-by-step instructions for making a summerhouse do-it-yourself

The first issue that needs to be solved when starting construction of a recreation facility in the courtyard of the house concerns the foundation pouring. The fact is that in some cases you can make an arbor without a concrete platform. We are talking about the construction of a portable structure with a metal frame. Still, the polycarbonate, from which such a structure will be built, is easy and therefore does not need to create a place for installation. But, wanting to put a stationary gazebo in the yard, it is necessary to fill the concrete foundation.

Simple foundation

Bearing pipes of stationary construction intended for outdoor recreation should be fixed in the soil and concrete. This requires the following steps:

  1. Choose a platform in the courtyard, where the gazebo will stand. It should be borne in mind how close groundwater flows to the ground. The ground, which will become the basis for the construction of a structure, needs to be leveled, uprooting stumps from it and removing stones from its surface;
  2. To make a marking, having defined where the bearing columns will be shipped, and to dig out on these places of a hole 40 cm deep;
  3. Pour the sand into the prepared ditches, compact it, and then cover it with large rubble;
  4. Put the profile pipes, which serve as supports, into the dug depressions, cover it with fragments of bricks or rubble so that they do not roll to the side;
  5. Pour the metal supports with purchased liquid concrete and give it time to harden, that is about 7 days. While the cement mortar dries, it must be moistened with water.
Foundation arbor

The supporting pipe is filled with concrete

Having installed in the ground the supporting pipes, they begin to make the skeleton of the structure, walls, roof and all other elements.

Arbor construction

The backbone of the structure can be assembled separately, and then welded to the supporting pipes. But some builders act differently: each detail of the gazebo is attached to the supports by means of a welding machine in turn, for which there is no need to hire a brigade of workers.

The assembly of the frame is recommended in 5 steps:

  1. Cut the purchased pipes, giving them the dimensions indicated in the drawing;
  2. Use the bolts to connect the arbor backbone supports with each other;
  3. To make a base, then weld to it, going to the top of the canopy, other metal elements;
  4. Make the arch of the structure, that is, weld 3 equally curved pipes to it. If the bending radius of these metal elements will be different, then the polycarbonate sheets will not fit perfectly to the backbone;
  5. Coat the metal parts with a primer and paint later.
Arbor frame welding

The metal frame construction is durable

How to make a roof

Now we need to start making the roof, which involves performing certain actions:

  1. Cutting a carbonate sheet, for which purpose it is necessary to apply the parameters indicated in the drawing to the material, draw lines and cut them, armed with a power tool for abrasive machining. This work must be done in slow motion with utmost care to avoid the formation of cracks on polycarbonate, which will spoil the final result of the construction of the gazebo;
  2. Fix the 2 sheets of material received on the arch using self-tapping screws that have rubber pads. The need for such fasteners arises for the reason that it is very important to protect the plastic from contact with metal. In addition, through such screws it is possible to achieve a strong connection of the frame with the roof.In this case, too, should not rush, because the rush will be fraught with damage to the cellular structure of the material.
Construction of arbors from polycarbnata

The top of the structure is already covered with transparent polycarbonate

Final processing of the finished structure. How and what sheathe, decorate

The construction of facilities for outdoor recreation is completed with the arrangement of a table and 2 benches. They are supposed to sheathe material from wood. To this work it is necessary to prepare: to perform marking on the bars, guided by the drawings, and to cut the parts into the required number of parts.

Finished boards need to be polished by rubbing with sandpaper. It is impossible to ignore the manufacturing stage, otherwise there will be chips hanging in the wood, and it will be rough to the touch. Having processed boards with an emery paper, it is possible to cover them with a thin layer of varnish. This will make the wood material smooth and shiny. It can be fixed on the metal frame with a drill and bolts, as soon as the lacquer coating dries.

The recreation building will acquire an original look, if you decorate it along the perimeter with fresh flowers. To create a cozy atmosphere in the gazebo does not interfere with hanging small lanterns.Near the entrance to the building you can put the figures made of gypsum to make it look elegant. If it is assumed that breakfasts or picnics will be organized in the gazebo, then a tablecloth should be laid on its table, the color of which does not differ from the polycarbonate tone on the roof.

Photo: options for the construction of a garden arbor of colored material

Polycarbonate gazebo This building made of cellular material made the walls Polycarbonate gazebo Designs with different roofs Polycarbonate gazebo Spacious and interesting design
Polycarbonate gazebo Simple wooden frame design Polycarbonate gazebo The construction, sheathed polycarbnatom even on the sides Polycarbonate gazebo Forged items Polycarbonate gazebo Little cozy design Polycarbonate gazebo Recreation facility with long benches

The arbor, assembled from metal profiles and sheets of polycarbonate, will be a great place to spend time with family or friends. Such a construction combines 2 qualities: aesthetics and low cost.

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