Film The Lords of the Universe (2019)

"The Lords of the Universe" refers to the type of protracted films that regularly show signs of life, but are hardly moving towards release.

The directors, the scriptwriters, the very concept of the film are changing, and the fans of the franchise are still waiting for the first teaser show, or at least footage from the shooting, to be shown to them.

This is due to the fact that the "Lords of the Universe" are engaged in two large companies that will not come to a compromise, - the Japanese corporation Sony and the manufacturer of children's toys from the US Mattel.

How was the “Lords of the Universe” franchise born?

The ruler of toys called "The Lords of the Universe" Mattel launched in 1982. She was personally involved with Tom Kalinsky - one of the most talented managers in the company's history, who later headed Sega of America and made the Sega Genesis video game console and its hedgehog Sonic the world-famous.

The Kalinski approach was that the audience loves characters (albeit toy ones), behind which is a well-developed background story.To this end, Mattel invested in the animated series "Hee-Maine and the Lords of the Universe" (Hee-Man - the most recognizable toy of the line) - it was broadcast in 1983-1985.

An entire generation of American children grew up on it, and many of the current Hollywood figures speak warmly about the adventures of He-Man.

It is interesting to note that the majority of companies associate Mattel with the Barbie brand. The company also produces toy cars Matchbox and Hot Wheels.

Story line

The events of the animated series "The Lords of the Universe" take place on the planet Eternia. Prince Adam, the son of a local king and dugout (the subjects do not know, but she is an astronaut from Earth), is able to transform into Chi-Man and defend the magic castle, which gives him superpower, from the evil sorcerer Skeletor.

lord of the universe chi men

Of course, Hee-Manu was helped by a team of friends, and the residents of Eternia did not even realize that Adam and Hee-Man were one person. In short, everything is according to the canons of North American superheroes, when the identity of the savior of the world remains a mystery to others.

It is interesting to note that the distinctive features of Adam / Hee-Man’s appearance are the “golden” hair and imposing muscles. In the series, he rarely turned to violence, often relying in battles on the intellect and considering it a duty to save even the villains who found themselves a step away from death.

"The Lords of the Universe" stretched for 130 episodes, and in 1987 he presented a full-length film with Dolph Lundgren (Hee-Man) and Frank Langella (Skeletor) starring on big screens. Plot picture was not associated with the series, although the audience and saw the familiar characters. With a budget of $ 17 million tape collected $ 17.3 million

Subsequently, Mattel faced financial difficulties and suspended the release of the line with Hee-Man. She returned to her already in the 1990s.

Production of a new film

lords of the universe movie

On the Hollywood horizon, the new "Lords of the Universe" emerged in the late 2000s. Then the project involved Warner Bros., producer Joel Silver and director John Stevenson ("Kung Fu Panda"). However, Mattel and Warner Bros. quarreled because of views on the creative process, so in the fall of 2009 the license passed to Columbia, owned by Sony.

Columbia ordered the “Lords of the Universe” screenplay for Alex Litwak (“Predators”, “Musketeers”) and Michael Finch (“The Hitman: Agent 47”). The director's chair was offered to John Chu (“Throw a Cobra 2”, “Step Up 2”).

Further, the reshuffle continued - in 2014, the studio looked out for a director among Harold Tsvart (“Karate Kid”), Mike Cahill (“The Other Earth”) and Chris McKay (producer and director “Robotsypa”).

lords of the universe 2019 release date

Neither of them was able to agree, so Columbia switched to director McG (“Charlie's Angels”) and screenwriter Jeff Wadlow (“Kick-Ass 2”).

One version of the script "The Lords of the Universe" was prepared by Terri Rossio, widely known for his "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Finally, most recently, Columbia turned to David S. Goyer. Mostly he deals with scenarios ("The Man of Steel", "The Dark City"), but sometimes he personally makes films ("Blade 3").

After flirting with the project, Goyer agreed to work on the story, but he refused the director's chair. The reasons are simple - it is too loaded with the restarting of the "Terminator" from James Cameron and Tim Miller, as well as a new picture of the Green Lantern.

lords of the universe 2019 story

At the moment, over the film in 2019 are working:

  • Produced by Joel Silver (The Matrix, Sherlock Holmes), Dan Lin (The Gangster Hunters), Neil Ellis and Nevid McKillharji (The Rock and Roll).
  • Script: David S. Goyer. Goyer’s version of the script really liked the studio, but it still attracted another author for the sake of the edits.


In the schedule of releases Sony for the "Lords of the Universe" is reserved on December 19, 2019.It can be seen that the company connects with the ribbon high hopes, otherwise it would not give it such an important slot - in December, viewers usually go to theaters most actively.

But if in the near future a picture director does not appear an experienced director, then we will surely hear about the next release postponement.

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