Fashionable hairstyles for girls 2016 stylish ideas

Children's hairstyles for girls are simple or complex styling made from hair of different lengths. Most of the options can be repeated at home in a short time, but the difficult options - only in the beauty salon.

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Hairstyles for girls are like another elegant dress or cute knickknacks: there are a lot of them and they all correspond to some occasion - a holiday or an ordinary hike in the garden or school. Fashionable hairstyles for babies, as well as older ladies have their own characteristics and purpose. According to hairdressers, in 2016 popular will be children's hairstyles with unusual weaving, neat shirts, high tails, openwork braids with flowers from hair and stuff. From our guide you will learn about the variants of hairstyles for girls for different occasions, and learn how to make them yourself.

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Fashionable hairstyles for girls at the graduation day in kindergarten 2016 new ideas ideas photos

Every year, kids are becoming more attentive and demanding to choose not only their hairstyle, but also outfits for the graduation party in a kindergarten. Already at the age of 4 they know exactly how they want to look like at a holiday.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 34Children's hairstyles for graduation in kindergarten are improved every year and become more original and beautiful. Let's discuss the fashion trends of stylish hairstyles for girls in 2016.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 41Graduation in kindergarten is an event long-awaited, very desirable and very important for parents, and for the whole family. Such moments will never be repeated in the life of the little man. Therefore, it is necessary to make this celebration as unforgettable as possible.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ (4)An important point at the event - this is the right hairstyle. She needs to be taken care of in advance. You can use the services of professional craftsmen or practice and build your little one yourself.
The choice of options is based on the structure of the child's hair and their length. Equally important is the shape of the face.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 44Festive hairstyles for girls are not significantly different from adult options.Here, too, are the curls, all kinds of weaving, tails, bundles and bundles. Naturally, regardless of whether it is a matinee or a family holiday, all preparations begin in advance. A dress is chosen and bought. And, of course, hairstyles for a holiday for girls will not do without accessories. Various ribbons, bows, hairpins, decorative hairpins and pebbles will add festivity to any hairstyle.

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Hairstyles for girls at home are very easy if you learn how to weave braids! Pigtails very much decorate girls, besides, for small girls such hairstyles are most comfortable, hair is always removed, which allows children to play and frolic. Of course, you will be able to perform many options for beautiful hairstyles for girls with your own hands.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ (7)With your own hands, you can very easily braid a simple braid of the spikelet. If you still do not know how to perform such weaving, then first try to learn how to make vertical weaving of such a braid. Select three strands of hair of the same size, make the first weave of a simple pigtail. Gradually begin to lay the side strands alternately in each link of the braid, respectively, on the left side add the left strand, with the right side - the right one.Take small strands to add to the braid so that the hairstyle looks neat. You can already perform a simple hairstyle with a scythe for a girl at home!

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ (1)Weaving the back braid is very simple. After you have perfected the ability to weave the first braid of the spikelet, try this option hairstyles for girls at home. Such a back braid is woven in the same way as the previous version, but the side strands are not superimposed on top of each link of the braid, but are enclosed below. This braid looks gorgeous if, as you braid the braid, you will gently pull on its side strands to make the girl's hair more voluminous.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 11Another popular hairstyle for girls at home is the fishtail braid. Divide the girl's hair into two parts, grab the strand from the edge of one part of the braid and transfer it to the other side, then transfer the strand from the edge of the second side of the braid. Alternately, throwing thin strands, you can braid the girl with a very beautiful fish spit, which is very like little princesses.

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French braids. French braids are braided, as are the usual braids, with the addition of strands, but these braids are very tight and should be snug to the head. Another difference of the French braids is a perfectly even parting between the braids, moreover, they should all be the same size. Weaves such braids usually professional. If you are able to weave such girls braids with your own hands, you are a real young man!

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 29Weaving plaits. The harnesses braid much faster than the braids, and they look very beautiful if they are made neatly. There are different ways of weaving the wiring. For example, it is made of two strands, they are twisted among themselves, each time adding a strand on the side to one side of the rope.

Fashionable hairstyles for girls with ribbons 2016 new ideas ideas photo

Decorations in the form of ribbons broke into the female world with great sensation. Even in ancient Greece, the beautiful half, used ribbons and hoops as decorations for the hair.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 25Now this direction of style, already long time pleases all girls of our time. Being a trend for more than one year, hairstyles with ribbons won great love and popularity, because every woman wants to try on the image of the ancient Greek goddess.

Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ 24For many little girls, the hairs are not so thick that you can create beautiful, presentable hairstyles, so stylists recommend using braid, yarn or ribbons.In this case, the styling is not only beautiful, but also durable and the girl can go with them at school or in kindergarten all day, while maintaining a neat appearance.

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Vypusknye-pricheski-v-sad_2016_ (3)Gulki of hair is a classic hairstyle that can give a young beauty severity, accuracy and grace at the same time. Decorate the festive bun with neatly braided ears, which will make your hair unusual.
To decorate the finished hair, use hairpins with beads or flowers.

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The ancestor of the waterfall from the hair was the French braid. Only, by contrast, the method of weaving hair occurs in such a way that a part of them forms a braid, and a part falls in strands, resembling individual trickles of water. This hairstyle looks perfect on long hair, but it will also give a spicy look to medium-length hair, especially if the “trickles” are in the form of curls.

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Before we begin to master the step-by-step instructions for this weaving, let's decide what is needed for its execution. First of all - a comb, of course.Or rather - two: "massage" or a brush and a usual comb with a thin tail, so that it would be more convenient to separate even additional strands. Eraser for hair, the color of which will not stand out on the head. Barrette or decorative hairpin. And most importantly - patience and free time. When you master the weaving, you will have to leave no more than two minutes to create a waterfall from your own hair.

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