Fashionable eyebrows with microblading

Eyebrow shapingCosmetic services have become very popular. Modern girls try to follow the fashion and strive for perfection. Masters working in beauty salons say that lately, such services as eyelash extensions and eyebrow decoration have gained immense popularity.

Thanks to the new services, girls can get more pronounced facial features, adjust external data. Eyebrows play a big role in appearance. Properly selected form and a clear outline will help make the face more pronounced.

Many girls complain that their eyebrows are imperfect: very bright by nature, grow as horrible or have the effect of "three hairs." Now this can be quickly fixed with microblading. But what is the essence of this service? Consider everything in order.

Eyebrow Microblading

Eyebrow microblading is an innovative tattoo technique that differs from traditional tattooing in that it is completely done by hand (without any special machines, electricity). The tool used in the work is called - the manual maniple.Pigment is injected into a shallower layer, which results in thinner lines. As a result of the procedure, the eyebrows have a natural, natural look.

Fashionable eyebrows with microblading

The main advantages of microblading

The main advantage is that fine lines perfectly imitate real hairs. It turns out a natural, natural effect. If we compare it with a traditional tattoo, then microblading benefits from the fact that the pigment is not injected deeply, respectively, the shade does not change with time and is softer.

Fashionable eyebrows with microblading

What is better - permanent makeup or microblading?

When creating a permanent make-up, brow made with special equipment makes micro-holes of a certain depth, after which they are filled with pigment. At the end of the procedure, edema is formed, which begins to subside after two days. The result is fixed up to two years. This method has a minus - eyebrows look monolithic and far from natural. Of course, now there are hair technology. However, not every designer brow specialist owns this art. In addition, this technique still does not allow to obtain the maximum naturalness, as the drawn hairs do not get thin, as if this would not be desirable.

Fashionable eyebrows with microblading

Photo eyebrows before and after microblading

Microblading technique involves drawing very fine hairs using a special blade. Strokes look natural, especially if they are executed in three directions.
In microblading, only the upper part of the epidermis is injured; therefore, the result does not last as long as it is in permanent design. But if you want to get beautiful and natural edge, then you can not pay attention to this shortcoming. Puffiness after the procedure is also observed, but it disappears literally in 24 hours.

Fashionable eyebrows with microblading

New eyebrow shaping procedure - microblading

Microblading morbidity

It should be understood that the procedure is not painless. After all, light cuts will be made, but it cannot be called a severe pain. Most likely it will be unpleasant and uncomfortable, but tolerable. During the procedure, the brow specialist will use a ruler that will allow you to create smoother lines. The process itself lasts up to two hours. All this time you will need to lie with slightly open eyes. After the end of all manipulations, eyebrows are sprayed with a disinfecting spray.The final result can be estimated in three weeks, when the skin is completely restored. You should also be aware that in 15-30 days you need to make a correction, which involves the removal of additional strokes. This point in no case can not be neglected. The procedure will be less painful and will pass much more quickly.

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