90 ideas of matte nails 2018 photos of the most beautiful examples

It cannot be said that the matte finish has just become fashionable: it has always been true. After all, natural, healthy nails look exactly like that. In addition, men also take care of their nails, and when they come to a beauty salon, they apply a matt colorless varnish when they apply to nails. Bright gloss is loved not by all women. Some prefer a muffled, as if velvety, neat manicure.

The matte finish has its fans: this design is often worn by pop stars and show business, and the presenters of programs on television. In order to translate the idea into reality, the masters use cosmetics of a new generation: a special coating - a matte top for a gel polish that removes the gloss from the previous layer. With the help of this tool it becomes possible to implement many previously inaccessible ideas.

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